Situated in Prahova County, at the foothills of Caraiman Massif, Bucegi Mountains, Baiului Mountains (Zamora area), and on the superior course of Prahova Valley, Bușteni looks down from an elevation of 880 – 940 m, and is located not far from two major cities of Romania: only 55 km North - West of Ploiești, and 135 Km North - West of the capital city of Bucharest.

Bușteni is a general interest mountain resort where people are constantly coming for the tonic and fresh environment, clean, rich and strongly ionized air free of allergen agents and dust, and highly recommended for the treatment of neurasthenia, and physical and mental exhaustion.

It is also the starting point to numerous trails leading to Bucegi Mountains.

The first information on the settlers here date since 1800, mostly in the Cerbului Valley (The Stag’s Valley), where there was a place called “La Bușteni” (At the Logs), deriving from the present name of the town (Bușteni = Logs). Records since 1840 mention it as a rural settlement with only 12 families. In 1946, it is declared town.

Tour attractions in Bușteni: Cezar Petrescu memorial museum hosted in the writer’s old house, the “Nativity of the Mother of God” church, commissioned by King Carol I and Queen Elisabeth and built in 1889 (dedicated on September the 8th, 1889) with the help of some Italians builders according to the plans of architect I.N. Socolescu; the Cantacuzino Castle (1910) situated in Zamora sector; the “Ultima grenadă” (The Last Grenade) bronze monument (1928) by sculptor Dumitriu Bârlad, representing the legendary corporal Mușat launching a grenade against the enemy lines.

Bușteni is a major touristic attraction with one ski run, Kalinderul, and a very modern ski lift with a high transportation capacity. The resort is connected to the Bucegi plateau (Cabana Babele/ Old Women’s Chalet) through a cable car that is functioning since August 11, 1978, on a 4350 m long cable, being the longest cable route in Romania and the third in Europe. The altitude difference is of 1237 m. From Cabana Babele there is a cable car connecting it to the Peștera Hotel on the Ialomița Valley. Bucegi plateau is a very good place to practice touring ski.

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