Skiers’ Decalogue
General set of rules for skiing in proper and secure conditions on the slopes and ski runs all over the world:
  • Consider the other people. Skiers must behave in such a way as to not constitute a danger to other persons or cause any harm.
  • Ski on slopes suited for your physical and technical abilities. Consider the difficulty ratings of the slope. Therefore, skilled skiers should not ski on slopes reserved to beginners, or the other way around.
  • Control your speed. Skiers must keep a speed adequate to their technical skill, the general conditions of the slopes, and weather.
  • Upstream skiers have to go round the downstream skiers. They have a dominant position and the possibility to chose the best direction in order to avoid collision with the downstream skier
  • Skiers should engage in surpassing other skiers only when they are sure they will not inconvenience anyone and keep the safety distance.
  • Do not cross the slopes widthwise before making sure you will not cause any accidents.
  • Avoid any stops on slopes. If absolutely necessary, skiers can stop and stay only on the side of the slope. Also, in case of skiers falling, clear the way as soon as possible.
  • Sloping upward can be done only by the side of the slope, regardless to the use of skies or not.
  • Skiers must follow the signalling and installations set on the slopes.
  • In the event of an accident, skiers should provide first aid to the injured victim(s). The persons responsible for the accident should remain on site and answer for the physical and material damages they caused.
ANPC  Termeni si conditii