Terms and conditions

In order to attend the ski courses organized by monitor-ski.ro several terms and conditions must be followed. These are the equivalent of an agreement between parties:

Whereas the SKI INSTRUCTOR is the person certified to provide training services for the people who want to learn to ski down on any slope in safe conditions for their level of training.

Whereas the SKI COURSE represents the entire package of services offered by SKI INSTRUCTOR to the TRAINEE as to enable the latter to ski down on any slope in safe conditions for their level of training.

Whereas the TRAINEE is a natural person who wants to learn how to ski down on any slope in safe conditions for their level of training.

SKI INSTRUCTOR will bring evidence to TRAINEES on all legal documentation certifying his/ her right to organize such a course.

The tariffs for ski courses are mentioned on the www.monitor-ski.ro website, under TARIFFS, and the period of time is chosen by TRAINEE. The tariffs include the expert assistance provided by SKI INSTRUCTOR to TRAINEE during the SKI COURSE.

Any SKI COURSE cancellations by TRAINEES are made by calling the SKI INSTRUCTOR on the phone; the cancellations become valid only if instructor admits them.

SKI INSTRUCTOR can cancel the SKI COURSE at any moment, without further explanations to the TRAINEE. Should the SKI INSTRUCTOR cancel the SKI COURSE, he/ she will have no claims from TRAINEE.

Should the SKI INSTRUCTOR is forced to amend one of the agreement’s main stipulations or cancel the SKI COURSE, he/ she will have the obligation to inform TRAINEE at least one hour prior to the appointed time of SKI COURSE.

In case after the beginning of the SKI COURSE some services stipulated in the agreement cannot be fulfilled or SKI INSTRUCTORS believe they cannot be done, then they are obligated to:

•    offer TRAINEE alternate and equivalent services in order to continue the training session without any additional costs while maintaining the same quality and quantity of services;

•    to reimburse the TRAINEE with the amount of money resulting from the difference between paid services and the ones actually performed during training sessions;

SKI INSTRUCTOR is responsible for fulfilling the obligations stipulated in the agreement except for the following cases:

•    when obligations cannot be fulfilled or are carried out in a faulty manner due to TRAINEE;

•    when obligations cannot be fulfilled due to some extreme circumstances or situations unable to be predicted or avoided by SKI INSTRUCTOR;

•    when obligations cannot be fulfilled due to a third party unrelated to service providing stipulated in the agreement and the causes that have determined the inability to fulfil the obligations are unpredictable and unavoidable.

SKI INSTRUCTOR is not responsible for potential accidents, losses, or personal prejudice due to weather, fire, governmental or other authorities’ actions, war, strikes, terrorist actions, theft, epidemics, quarantine, dangerous incidents or other actions or incidents beyond his/ her control.

Since SKI COURSE will always take place outside and the weather conditions are difficult to predict, SKI INSTRUCTOR recommends TRAINEES to dress appropriately.

The minimum required equipment for such a program consists in: base layers, fleece, ski jacket, ski pants, hat, gloves, ski socks, goggles, ski boots, skies, ski poles, and helmet which are mandatory for children.

As the SKI COURSES take place in mountain areas with slopes going up and down at elevations reaching up to tens of meters, TRAINEES must manifest desire, physical and mental strength. If TRAINEES are not familiar with such techniques, SKI INSTRUCTOR will provide them with the necessary support during training course.

SKI INSTRUCTOR reserves the right to deny participation to SKI COURSES to any TRAINEE with health problems that might affect the development of the training session. If TRAINEES withhold any medical conditions, they will do so on their own account and SKI INSTRUCTOR will be relieved from any responsibility.

In case of bad weather that might endanger TRAINEE’s safety, SKI INSTRUCTOR will adjust the schedule, partially or totally, while informing TRAINEE on all alternative schedules. All adjustments will be agreed by all parties involved and the final decision will be taken by SKI INSTRUCTOR.

If TRAINEES will not be able to take part in the SKI COURSE, they can transfer their participation right to a third party that complies with all participation conditions and terms.

TRAINEE has the right to terminate this agreement at any time with no obligations to the SKI INSTRUCTORS, and in case the termination of contract takes place after the beginning of training, SKI INSTRUCTOR must be compensated for the prejudice except for the extreme cases stipulated by law.

TRAINEE is bound to keep the time and place of SKI COURSE and listen to SKI INSTRUCTOR during the entire course. Otherwise, TRAINEE will support all expenses resulting from not following the program.

When one person employs services for a group of TRAINEES, agreement conditions will apply to the entire group that has acquired the services.

By participating in the SKI COURSE, TRAINEES are aware they can be subjected to risks and dangers such as falls, hits or any sorts of accidents. By agreeing to participate in these SKI COURSES, they are aware of the risks and that they need to be cautious to reduce risks and increase safety conditions. In case of accidents, SKI INSTRUCTOR is not to be held accountable or claimed any damages for losses or personal injuries (including death) that may occur during participation to a SKI COURSE.

Underage TRAINEES must wear helmets.

TRAINEES must not consume alcoholic beverages or hallucinogenic substances before or during SKI COURSES. In case TRAINEES are caught drinking alcohol or ingesting hallucinogenic substances, SKI INSTRUCTOR will suspend the SKI COURSE immediately and take TRAINEES to a safe place, and the SKI COURSE will end, but SKI INSTRUCTOR will pay no compensations to TRAINEES.

By participating in the SKI COURSES, TRAINEES have the obligation to follow all terms and conditions imposed by the present agreement and take all necessary measures for the SKI COURSES to take place in safety conditions.

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